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General Conditions

Dates at a glance

Wednesday, 30th June 2021
Final day for registration (unless invited after this)
Final date for Payment (£30)

Friday 17th September 2021
Deadline for titles and prices

Saturday 23rd October 2021
Receiving day for art (9.30am – 12.00midday)

Monday, 25th October 2021
Sponsors Night (6.30pm – 9.30pm)

Tuesday, 26th October 2021
Evening Reception (6.30pm – 9.30pm)

Wednesday, 27th October 2021
Open Day (10am - 3.00pm)

Thursday, 28th October 2021
Open Day (10am - 3.00pm)
Open Evening (5.00pm - 9.00pm)

Friday, 29th October 2021
Open Day (10am - 3.00pm)

Saturday 30th October 2021
Open Day (10am – 3.00pm )
Collection of unsold work (3.00pm - 5.00pm)


Queen Mary's School, Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, North Yorkshire YO7 3BZ

The term 'Exhibition Organiser' means UK Youth (Registered Charity No 1110590 and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales No 5402004)

1. Submission Procedure
All artists must complete the registration form showing their agreement to the conditions and including their biography by Wednesday, 30th June 2021. The only exception to this will be artists invited by the organisers to exhibit after this date. Artists must also send a registration fee of £30 by BACS payment to UK Youth, Sort code 20-32-37, Account number 80361194, Reference AFYN your surname.  Please email [email protected] to let her know you have made the payment or if you have queries.

Any new artist wanting to exhibit must first send the committee examples of three pieces of their work either digitally via email or a website.  All new artists must be approved by our committee before registering on this website.

All titles and prices must be advised by Friday 17th September 2021 (except by agreement with the organisers). Up to 6 titles can be submitted (be aware if all the hanging pieces you submit are very large it is unlikely that we will hang them all) and all must have a unique name. No changes to titles or prices will be allowed after this date.

The receiving day for works of art for the Exhibition is Saturday, 23rd October between 9.30am and 12.00pm. Works can only be accepted at this time. We ask that you advise Exhibition Co-ordinator Sarah Pearson [email protected] of your estimated time of arrival. This is to ensure that delivery is staggered and that not all artists arrive at the same time.

Works, together with the Artists Receipt Form (which will be emailed after Titles and Prices are received) should be delivered to the main hall at Queen Mary's School, Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, North Yorkshire YO7 3BZ (07584 626060). All works must be unwrapped, the wrapping taken away on registration and brought back to wrap pictures on collection.

All art works must be clearly labelled on the back with the Title, Name of Artist, and Price. Please label using a luggage label on string attached to the back of the work in order to facilitate our checking procedures.

All pictures must be strung using cord not wire as they will be hung using chains and hooks.  Wire unfortunately slides on our system making it hard to hang.

Work that has been previously shown at Art for Youth North cannot be re-submitted and will not be accepted by the Organisers. We cannot guarantee that all the work provided will be hung or displayed.

2. Artist Receipt Form
After registration and completion of Titles and Prices artists will be given an Artist Receipt Form and full delivery and collection details. This must be signed and accompany all works. This acts as a receipt for the works exhibited and it will not be accepted unless signed by the artist.

3. Exhibition passes
Each artist will receive 1 complimentary ticket to use at the sponsors night or private view. For further information please contact Torty Hunt Exhibition Co-ordinator.

4. Donated Pieces
The primary reason for the Art for Youth exhibition is to raise money for UK Youth and we thank all of our exhibiting artists for very generously donating 33% of the sale of their art to UK Youth. If you are able to help further, we would be delighted to accept 100% donated pieces - please contact Sarah Pearson, the Exhibition Co-ordinator at [email protected] to arrange.

5. Size
Works of art submitted must not exceed 1m (3'3") in their longest dimension including the frame, except with special permission from the Organisers.  If you want to submit larger paintings then you must reduce the number of works submitted.  Please be aware that if you submit 6 pictures all 1m x 1m it is unlikely that we will be able to hang all the work you submit due to space restrictions but we do rehang the show regularly as pieces are sold and we do our very best to show all works.

6. Framed Work
All pictures must be framed (no clip frames) and strung using cord not wire as they will be hung on chains. Unframed stretched canvasses are accepted as long as the canvasses are strung. There should be no other projections whatsoever from the back of the frames to prevent damage to other works.

In addition to framed work, artists are invited to bring portfolio work. Portfolios must be labelled with the artist's name and all work must be mounted and clearly marked with the artist's name, the title and price (including the 33% commission). We also recommend using cellophane or protective wrapping.  We cannot accept responsibility for any damage.

7. Limited Edition Prints 
Artists must provide a framed display copy of limited edition prints (Giclee will not be accepted) with number of editions available listed, which will remain on display until the close of the exhibition. Artists are then responsible for sending limited editions on to the purchasers after the exhibition and the cost for this must be included in the price of the print.

8. Portfolio Work
In addition to framed work, artists are invited to bring portfolio work, details of which must be advised on the portfolio work form by Friday, 17th September. Portfolios must be labelled with the artist's name and all work must be mounted and clearly marked with the artist's name, the title and price (including the 33% donation and VAT if applicable). We also recommend using cellophane or protective wrapping.

9. Collection of Works

All unsold work must either be taken away from Queen Mary's School between 3.00pm - 5.00pm on Saturday 30th, October. After 5.00pm on Saturday, 30th October unsold work will be removed and put into storage at the artist's expense unless alternative arrangements have been made in advance with the organisers. We will ask you on delivery to provide an estimated collection time. NO WORK CAN BE LEFT AT QUEEN MARY'S SCHOOL.

9. Storage Charges
Storage as stated above shall be on terms which exempt the storer from all liability for the safe custody and care of the works or pictures, for all charges and expenses incurred, and allow the storer to sell the same in whole or part to recoup expenses. The Artists are liable for all storage expenses or safe custody of the work or pictures. The Exhibition Organisers have no liability for the storage expenses or safe custody of the work or pictures.

10. Price
All works of art must be for sale and the maximum price on any work submitted should be £4000. The price of the works stated on the Registration Form should include a donation of 33% due to the Charity and VAT should be included if the artist is registered. Prices for all work, including portfolio work must be submitted by Friday 17th September and NO CHANGES can be made after this date.

Artists who are UK taxpayers and who have not exhibited with Art for Youth before will be asked to complete a Gift Aid form on delivery of works in order for UK Youth to claim Gift Aid on your donation.

11. Labels
All works, including portfolio work must be labelled with the artist's name, the title and price, on a luggage label attached with string to the back of each picture, or attach a tag to sculptures/bronzes.

12. PR and Marketing
Unless otherwise stated by the artist in writing, works exhibited may be photographed for PR, Press and Marketing purposes in connection with the Exhibition.

13. Copyright
Copyright of all works, other than commissioned work remains the property of the artist. Any enquiries for copyright will be referred to the artist.

14. Care of Works
i - The Exhibition Organisers will not be liable for any damage caused to works sent for the Exhibition occurring in the ordinary course of handling, whether such damage is caused by the negligence of the Exhibition Organisers or their staff or otherwise.

ii - The Exhibition Organisers will endeavour to take good care of works sent for the Exhibition but in the event of a work being lost, destroyed or damaged other than as stated in i above, the Exhibition Organiser's liability (if any) shall not in any event exceed the value of the work as stated on the official Titles and Prices form less the 33% donation.

15. Sales Conditions and Donation
i - UK Youth strongly advise artists to insure their own works

ii - Sales made through the Exhibition are sold between the artist and the purchaser. The Exhibition Organiser will be agent for the artist in introducing the sale. If the artist is registered for VAT and the purchaser requires a VAT invoice, issue of the VAT invoice will be the responsibility of the artist.

iii - A donation of 33% is requested by the Exhibition Organisers on the price paid for the work at the Exhibition. The 33% donation will be paid in its entirely to the Charity. We aim to send payments to artists who sell their work within four weeks of the exhibition.

iv - Any sale effected by the Exhibition Organisers will have priority over a sale effected by the artist.

v - The submission/signing of the registration form is to be taken as the unreserved acceptance of the entire contents of these conditions, and those on the Schedule by the signatory

vi - The Exhibition Organisers reserve the right to withhold from exhibiting any work submitted without giving any reason.

vii - The Exhibition Organisers reserve the right to take down any pictures sold during the exhibition and replace them with other works.

viii - The Exhibition Organisers reserve the right to select exhibiting artists entirely at their own discretion. Submission of a Registration Form by an artist is no guarantee that the artist will be accepted at the exhibition.

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Our vision is for all young people to be empowered to build bright futures, whatever their background or circumstances.

Our reach- we work primarily with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, from a wide range of religious and cultural environments, family settings, academic ability levels and geographic locations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

UK Youth simply couldn’t continue its vital work without the funds raised at Art for Youth North.

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