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Our Committee

Art for Youth Exhibition Organiser

  • Torty Hunt

Art for Youth North Committee

  • Antonia Consett
  • Susie Dugdale
  • Henrietta Graham
  • Fanny Green
  • Sarah Hall
  • John Hollins
  • Jayne Hopton
  • Sarah Pearson 
  • Adam King
  • Caroline Lawson-Tancred
  • Rachel Lindley
  • Emma Manners
  • Anna Milbank
  • Sarah Pearson
  • Kate Preston
  • Morn Robson
  • Susan Wilmot

Art for Youth North Invitation Committee   

  • Angela Bentley
  • Edward Bryant
  • Rachel Deniz
  • Iona Fielden
  • Christopher Fordy
  • Jill Geiser
  • Mary Graham
  • Rachel Hartley
  • Emma Lindfield
  • Caro Roberts
  • Sophie Roberts
  • Lizzie Rohan
  • Claire Thomas
  • Esther Thorniley-Walker
  • Robin Turton
  • Colleen Vaux
  • Emma Woods
UK Youth North


Founded in 1911, UK Youth improves social mobility by providing high quality services for young people aged 9 to 25 that are delivered through a network of locally accessible youth organisations across the UK.

Our vision is for all young people to be empowered to build bright futures, whatever their background or circumstances.

Our reach- we work primarily with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, from a wide range of religious and cultural environments, family settings, academic ability levels and geographic locations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

UK Youth simply couldn’t continue its vital work without the funds raised at Art for Youth North.

 To find out more about UK Youth’s work visit or read their latest annual review.

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